Fun was had. Friction is generating.

So we had some decent RP. Not a lot of decent fights, but some decent RP. We had all players but I didn't have enough warning to buy Krispy Kremes for the entire group. I let them know though.

I might be on the hook for a gigantic box of doughnuts, next fortnight.


  • Barbarian too scared to confront my Tief so he sent a note up with his invisible servant
  • My Tief gave him lines ["I will not shoot my allies" x 100, and "I will not attack nobles" x 100]
  • Barbarian then adds paper to his notes and doesn't do the lines. IDK what he's doing with the damn pencil, but this is going to haunt Herr Fucknuts every single time he wants something
  • An attempt at prisoner exchange - me for the two in jail - failed and I added to the jail populace. Dangit
  • Got out with a forged document that we don't know is forged [Barbarian does!]
  • Hiding a Zhent for 10 days whilst we were also under moderately close attention by the law
  • Attempting to get reason out of a Nimblewright that was NOT as clever as its progenitor
  • City Watch always arriving 10 minutes late with Starbucks just to give us all aggro
  • Fucking going after what boils down to a magic rock as the chain of custody gets longer and longer and LONGER... [I started humming Yakety Sax at this point]
  • ...aaaaannnd it's now in the hands(?) of Xanathar and his thief's guild

Next sesh has GOT to be a dungeon crawl. Lots of fighting and whatnot. I know one player who's eager for that noise.

Today... after I do the Instant... I have nothing planned and I want to enjoy it.

Let's get going on that.