Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.

My extant compy is limping along okay... ish... but the Drobo that Beloved repaired with sticky tape is up to its old tricks of randomly crapping out and turning back on again. Amber lights all around.

I have a new phone with a nifty new plate charger - yay. BUT... because of Battery Issues (tm) I was unable to get all my data off my old phone and now cannot resume the process for love and/or money.

All the info I've been able to glean in regards to this assumes I have technology that actually works as directed from plugin. There are no contingency plans for dumminses like I, it seems.

Quoth Beloved "just use wireless transfer". Okay. Looked up steps and THERE ARE NONE. The ones I have been able to find are about using the new phone from start and that ship done SAILED bro. I have done the start and it was incomplete and now I am stuck adrift with not one, not two, but FOUR schroedinger's bricks if I count the compy I'm using right now.

I want to cry.

I have factory reset and started over and now the darn thing won't recognise that it's connected. I am struggling at grandma levels and the wireless hack doesn't seem to have done anything? I don't firkin know any more. At least I can keep them both charged whilst I wait for Beloved and I to be awake at the same time and also willing to talk to each other.


I have to face it. I am edging into Grandma VS Tech territory.

Then again, I have always had the worst luck with technology.

I am the anti-technomage.