Friday, Progress?

I shall at minimum be cleaning the Catio and doing up to Area 5 in the map today. I have NO idea what else I shall have going on. That's up to Beloved.

Tomorrow, I shall be headed off on another Meatspace adventure to help MeMum. Tradies to hunt down, tech to support, possibly a shopping trip... you know the deal.

As long as I'm asleep by 6PM, I should be fine.

There may or may not be a trip up to Bundaberg during these school holidays. Circumstances are pending. It's looking like I can keep doing the streams on my lappy, it's the setup that might be problematic.

We might be doing some of that today. Circumstances pending.

Working out all the nonsense associated with everything has to be some kind of bizarre. I'll manage. I'm getting used to managing.

In personal news, my phone is going to need a new battery, so before I take that in for repairs, I need to make certain Beloved has my certificate on her phone so we can still go to restaurants whilst they ship the battery in from Tanegashima.

Beloved likes to take me to restaurants.

The bad personal news is that I'm starting to increment the time I need to blob. It's edging towards 72 hours instead of the previous 48.

I'm tired.