Friday, Graduation & no more schedules

I am OFF the clock, as of tomorrow. No more waking up on purpose at fuck off in the morning. The only scheduled streams will be on Sunday/Monday as I have other people needing me on those days.

I might try streaming my day's activities, but for the first week at least, I will stream the story when I decide I have to get up.

There's a point in my waking up where I can't lie down any more, and I have to get up and do things.

I think, if I want to do my displacement activities while I work/play, I should probably mute whatever copyrighted material happens to be on at the time. Which includes whatever edutainment I'm working on at the time.

Soon, we shall be celebrating Miss Chaos' graduation.

Everything else is for another day.

Story and stream whenever I can wrangle it.