Friday, DISASTER and ruined PLNs

I wuzgunna record a chapter of Adapting for a potential future need, this morning. BUT... those PLNs have gone to shit. Because I was "clever".

The long story:

  • Attempting to switch from YouTube to NewPipe on my phone
  • Required huge amounts of files to do that for some fucked-up reason
  • Couldn't get them piecemeal on my phone
  • Bright idea#1: PUT THEM ON MY GOOGDRIVE!
  • Overload the GoogDrive
  • Panic because still writing things
  • Still wanted to switch to NewPipe
  • Bright idea#2: BACK UP THE FILES LOCALLY!
  • Transfer GoogDrive folders on compy to backup area without checking they were the actual files
  • ThisiswhereIfuckedup.jpg
  • Delete backed up folders from GoogDrive
  • Realise Drive is not emptying
  • Oh, they're still in the trash!
  • Empty trash [this is where it might be irrevocable]
  • Continue on until I finally realise that the switching by files is impossible
  • Delete huge file(s) from GoogDrive
  • Restore folders to GoogDrive, still clueless about the fuckup
  • Only look at them today.

I'm an idiot. I acknowledge this. Beloved is going to be looking at the remains of my GoogDrive files to see if anything's recoverable.

I should have a spare copy of Adapting on MeMum's files, BUT all my pitch kit stuff is toasted.

Or... currently toasted.

The good news, such as it is, is that my other books seem to be intact. I might have a spare copy lurking elsewhere on my compy.

The thing that hurts most is the pitch kit stuff. The samples, the summaries, the blurbs... they took me months to do.

I'm going to go get some supplies for the household and figure out what I'm doing henceforth.

I mean, besides getting on the outside of a tub of ice cream and a huge packet of chips while having a big cry and then a depression nap.

...and I still need to do my offerings anyway.


My own paranoia saved my ass!

Because I hated Microsquish demanding moneys for me using their automated system, I moved my files to a different place.

Behold: the fruits of my insanity
[Shown here: The backup of everything I thought I had lost that I had also forgotten about -_-]

Once more. I am an idiot.