Friday, Day Zero, no bread necessary

I have the bikkie in progress, now topped with Kalamata Olives I found in Little Woolies. Yes, folks. That's my new name for the regular one. Because "Big W" is apparently short for "Big Woolies". Lawl.

I want to write the last words of KOSBOB today but I'm not going to force it. If it happens, it happens. If not, then next week is just as good.

Today's three new cases are all overseas imports detected in quarantine, raising the number of active cases to twelve. Twelve chances for someone to act like a Karen and shut the whole state down again.


I have an abundance of bread, so no baking today. I also have a hot new Terrible Tiefling Tale growing in my special folder and taking over my brain. I miss roleplaying Kosh so bad, he's now evaluating five potential brides, The Bachelor style.

No, I have not watched the "reality" show, but I am sprinkling in drama anyway.

Let's glimpse at the news:

  • Aussie war crimes are heinous and involve all sorts of drugs alongside torturing prisoners of war. Yeeps
  • Michael J. Fox quits acting owing to poor health
  • Repugnicans change their mind after certifying votes, too late
  • Melbourne pensioner charged with murder of her assumed-son, details unclear
  • Extreme heatwave anticipated for Australia
  • Oxford Uni warns the vaccine will cause Covid-19 mutants
  • MUPPET ACTUALLY PAYS FOR SOMETHING! $4M for the Wisconsin recount
  • Sponge cake with passionfruit icing apparently all the rage
  • Debt collectors going after people dodging the Quarantine Hotel bills
  • Expert says quarantine hotels in the middle of cities might cause more outbreaks. Yeah, we knew
  • NSW cuts warning signs regarding speed traps
  • Scotty From Marketing endorses SA lockdown despite panning Victoria's earlier one
  • Shop manager in SA tells SA to calm the fuck down
  • Police on the streets of Adelaide when nobody else should be
  • Facebook employees slam Zuckerberg for ignoring plague safety standards
  • Prince William wants extra investigation into Lady Diana's death
  • Victoria decides to close border with SA
  • Flights to Adelaide cancelled
  • Flock of Karens flee SA in inevitable future outbreaks of wherever they wash up
  • China allegedly has microwave weapon
  • Plague locusts found in Victoria
  • US bioethecist recommends Real Dolls for the elderly (?!)
  • Police arrest serial dine-and-dashers

That's a lot of crap to deal with. I think I'll ignore the news for the entire weekend.