Friday, Day 0, I'm not stressing, you're stressing

Three new cases, all imports. Twenty total cases, seventeen of them in hospital and -given the precedent- three about to go in. Miss Chaos is coming home this afternoon and I am hoping that there's no trouble. I may even be vulnerable to telescammers because I am on call just in case the camping people want to know a thing about Chaos and her needs.

I've got The Bikkie on, and am about to arrange some moolah for myself from my accumulated earnings. My goals today include a thousand words in the novel and today's Instant. If I can catch the latest episode of The Adventure Zone, then that's gravy. I'm definitely decluttering my habitat.

In the news:

  • Sportsman plays sex offender at virtuoso level, teammates shame the victim - surprising nobody
  • Double mutant strain loose in Sydney
  • Good Samaritan finds the truckie who hit-and-ran five pedestrians
  • US refuses to shoot down the disastrous space junk... unless it threatens to hit Mar-a-lago? [that latter half is my cynicism speaking, not the news]
  • Plague outbreak in Sydney sparks yet another conspiracy theory because suss timing
  • "New" tax cuts going to bite Australia in the bum at a later date - surprising nobody
  • China panics because Bill Gates dumped his wife
  • Town builds a Big Squid to draw tourists and it's just as horrifying as you could imagine
  • Bats bring another plague to Sydney
  • "Clean" gas could be slowly killing you and your family! Yaaaayyy...

Can we swap to wind and solar please?