Friday, Day 0, Exhausted

I woke up at a little past one in the morning, today. It's half-past six now so you can bet I'm about ready to fall over.

HOWEVER, I also have domestic unfuckening overdue and a thousand words I want to write and a Bikkie in Progress(tm) currently cooking. Woot.

The PLUS side being that some ducks are lined up nice and neat. Miss Chaos has her very own bank account, and the Tax File Number is in the post. Huzzah!

The three new cases of plague today are all imports. Which means that it's Day 3 of Local Infection Absence. Yays. I'm too dang tired to throw a party about that. I may yet take a nap until it is time to clean. It might do me more harm than good. I can't tell.

We have sixty-eight active cases, sixty-four in hospital, and none in the ICU. Four chilling in hotels and having the potential to wreak havoc.

In the news:

  • ScoMo chucks a wobbler about the vax plans
  • China's ban on Aussie goods fails to hurt Aus
  • Cops have been called to Harry and Meghan's on the regular
  • Man's head stomped in Melbourne street brawl
  • Teen stabbed in Brisbane CBD
  • Cyclones in West Australia cause authorities to urge evacuations
  • Australia's house prices are skyrocketing
  • US citizen amazed that Aussies use their Hills Hoists
  • Man airmails himself to the UK from Aus

I'm going to try for a nap now. Story later. MUCH later...