Friday, Day 0, Busiest Day

Plague news: One new case, a local transmission. There's twenty-one total active cases with nineteen of them in hospital. Once more, lockdown looms.

I tried not to jinx it. I should just... not mention doughnut days. Sigh.

Today, after story post, I feed the starters, clean the catbox in the catio, make the bikkie, write one thousand words, tag a week's worth of fiction and adjust some mob stats in yet another board for D&D.

I also wrote a poem, which I have already shared with Tumblr:

There was a young man named Weenus


Think of the Children

by C. M. Weller

We’re just protecting the children
It’s what we’re all about

We have to think of the children
It’s what we always shout

You must be guarding our children
We scream and rave and fuss

But we never mention the children
Who do not look like us

A-class snark from your favourite InterNutter.

In the news:

  • Freedom date for NSW could be postponed. Something about nearly three hundred new cases per day
  • Victoria refuses to learn from NSW's mistakes
  • Kim Jong-un has lost weight and looks like a model
  • Anti-vaxxers outraged by plans to only allow the vaxed to do commerce. This is what happens when you don't participate in social contracts, Knomiras
  • But don't worry, the Delta variant is gonna get 'em. Maybe some will survive to learn something for a change
  • NAB changes to JAB in an effort to promote the vaccine
  • Health official disagrees with NSW's plan to open up
  • Muppet claims he was at Ground Zero when 911 happened. Where's your asbestosis, then? Everyone who was actually on the ground at 911 got asbestosis
  • Creepazoid tried to abduct a woman at a dentists' office, she alerted the staff and they did the right thing
  • 9YO's idea to make the world sparklier takes off in a good way

And now... storytime.