Friday, Day 0, Almost There

Plague News: Five new cases, three local, two imports. Fifty total active, forty-four in hospital, two in ICU.

I blame myself for thinking we had a handle on this.

Stream done, house unfuckening due, plans to write 1K, and further plans to build dungeons and maps in TaleSpire. I did record a tutorial of sorts, but now I have doubts about sharing it with the world -_-

In the news:

  • Protests erupt over safety rules in Victoria
  • Sydney headed for another spike
  • "Promising young man" caught masturbating in public near ladies at a festival
  • School shooter still violent in jail
  • Europe's flooded
  • Purchase limits return as panic buying resumes
  • More news about the varying jabs
  • Naked woman found trapped between buildings. There's a story to tell there
  • New lockdown job! Sydney Autiste selling homemade chocolates

And now I resume my nonsense.