Friday, Day 0, 1K Day

I changed my mind about making bread today. There's one new case, an import. Twelve total cases and eleven of those are in hospital. But that's not the reason why I'm not baking.

I'm not baking because it's been a busy and stressful week. I want to have one day where it's just the obligations of the day. Which is full enough with the Instant, the unfuckening, and the 1k writing goal for KOSTSS.

It's the end of the week and the wild tradie has yet to return to my doorstep. Fingers crossed it happens soon because the extant vanity has had a bit literally drop off of it. A skin of a part that's still there, but it's still more than a pinch unnerving.

What I want most is an entire weekend to just do nothing. It's been a hot while.

In the news:

  • China still making swipes at Australia
  • Ceasefire in Gaza? Maybe
  • Snake took up residence in a kid's toy
  • CEO paid a ransom in bitcoin
  • Crypto crash intensifies
  • Big cat sightings across the nation

Onwards, ever onwards.