Friday Again

I doubled up my writing on Wednesday and Thursday so I'd have today free for assorted gas. It was a bit of a trial for me on Thursday, and I don't know why.

Probably battling my sads, but... I don't know.

Maybe this will be emotionally taxing for me in the long term, but I gotta try it. Like, I know I can push myself and do a thousand words a day in my novel, and that used to come with intense wrist pain if I kept it up too long. I could try doing 3K in three days, next week. See if that works, and if I get the wrist pains.

If that output can be a thing, then I would subsequently have Thursday and Friday to work on my gas, especially learning Java. That's my priority. Mostly because my Instants Master File is so huge that it needs a different (preferably free) storage service to house it or it will blow out my Google Drive.

I need to look that shit up today. Fortunately, I have the time.

Mayhem has been throwing up again. By the looks of things, he hasn't been taking his medication 9_9 Silly sausage. He doesn't have exams today, so I'll be getting him to the doctor later on.

For now... I need to get my shit together.