Challenge #02273-F083: Smouldering Leaf Habit

This is a page from the Safety Manual for Humans.

"...... even if dangerous and self-destructive, some Humans will continue to light small fires for the inhalation of toxic substances ( To-ba-co) and will do so anywhere, if not provided a smoking-area.

PLEASE ALLOW THEM THIS !!!!!" -- Anon Guest

[AN: Speaking as a lifelong asthmatic whose life has been put in peril by smokers - irresponsible tobacco addicts can go to hell. The prizewinner is still the bloke who lit up upwind of me as I was attempting to use my nebuliser -_- He especially can go to hell]

Taken from The Explorer's Guide to Surviving the Edge, by Gorx Thaarkyk...

Those accustomed to the clean air regulations of Alliance space will notice that there are no such regulations within the Edge Territories. Attempting to exercise your rights to clean and breathable air will be countered immediately with others' apparent rights to pollute their own air and everyone else's at the same time. Many who are addicted to toxic lung-delivery stimulants insist on their rights to inflict those toxins on others.

Many fail to understand that their right to inhale toxins ends when they exhale into public air. Most amongst that number are willing to violently defend this right. It should be taken as obvious that those wishing to explore the Edge Territories and beyond should wear their livesuits at all times. Pack twice as many toxin filters as you think you need.

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