Finishing Season

Seems to be the time of year for finishing stuff up. I'm 1500 words away from the end of Clockwork Souls and I've just-last-night reached an ending for my fanfic, Crime and Punishment.

I'm going to ponder which fanfic I'm doing next because I can't not write. There's a few juicy ideas I have excerpts for. I just need to pick the shiniest one.

Announcements when that happens, of course.

Today's another cleaning day, and having our new toy means that all the un-used cooking scrattle from Monday is still chilling on my kitchen counters by Thursday.

Plus side: less to wash up.

Minus side: It's criminally obvious how lazy we all are.


Tomorrow, I write the last words in this novel, and then begin a week off to just fart around with my family before I start the next novel. Ahead of my schedule.

Three cheers for shiny ideas, I guess. This way if I'm slowed down by some incapacity, I still have all that buffer time to work with. Huzzah.

I just wish I'd kept track of how much. Probably a good idea that I didn't. Don't want to give myself conniptions if I know how much time I have in my "bank". Panicking over whatever never improves the situation, and letting myself relax is inevitably for the best.

Today's "whatever" between this upcoming Blast and the next one is definitely going to be "posting a chapter of fanfic" so those of you who follow me on AO3 look out. Good stuff incoming.

I feel so productive this morning.