I got a phone call from Capt S, yesterday. Right in the middle of tidying the house, so double inconvenience.

She calls me FOUR DAYS before Christmas to invite me over to someone ELSE'S Christmas party and tries to strongarm us into coming the day before.

Like. Excuse you? I made fucking PLANS. Some of those plans involve picking up half the damn feast on the day before, and prepping the other half on the same damn day.


The actual.


I would never expect anyone to drastically alter their yuletide plans with FOUR DAYS' warning, when they're at their busiest. I wouldn't even ask my MUM to change her plans this late in the game.

I've been telling Capt S about this gorram thing since JUNE. And she just repeatedly forgot about everything I said. I do not know how to feel about that to be honest. On one hand, she lost the love of her life, and I know that that leaves a fog on the brain...

On the other hand, has she not heard of writing shit down?

Or does she not want to experience a Keto Christmas for reasons beyond my understanding?

Or... and this is my negative side talking... does she not give a single shit for us and our plans?

I feel... betrayed. Angry. Frustrated. And kind-of heartbroken.

Capt S didn't even sound remorseful about shunning us, this Yule. It was "oh well" this and "oh well" that. Almost... flippant. I get that it's a long drive to our place, but arrangements could be made. Legs could be undertaken in comfortable time limits. Fuck, one of us could go and firkin fetch her for a sleepover or whatever.

I'm pretty sure we have inflatable beds. The kids would love an in-house camp.

Arrangements could have been made.

But no. The simple fact that we wanted to share an important holiday with her wasn't good enough.

One less person to feed, I guess. After I already made plans for the feast. But nevermind. I guess we're not worth making the effort for.

At least, that's how it feels right now.