So here's the situation:

  • Car's in the repair shop. Again
  • They have managed to duplicate the big problem [suspected misfiring]
  • BUT they still don't know what is causing it

Trust me to get a new engine and have it turn out to be a lemon.

So my car is in limbo once more as the techie people unriddle what the actual fuck... My Beloved has had a birthday and some SINFUL amounts of carbs to go with. There is a pavlova in the house and I am honestly holding out for as long as I can against that sugary, sweet, fruity temptation.

The good news is that Mayhem has WORK! He's got a job at a Macca's nearby and I really need to push that lad to get his licence going. Because driving himself will be way, way, WAY easier than depending on me.

Interestingly, his welcome party to the work crew happens on the same day as my shrink visit and may well be happening in the same hour that Pippi is getting her surgery stitches out.


...which is also MeMum's bifdy. Happy bifdy, Mum. Things be hectic up in my way. Please excuse my inevitable chaos.

...speaking of chaos...

I neglected my Patreon patrons yesterday because shenanigans [see above] so I need to get on that, then do my Wordpress, then organise for a practice dude to paint. I plan on sprainting some primers tomorrow morning.

Dude at the car shoppe sold me some clear primer that I have doubts about. I suspect I'm going to go with the Camo Black or the Grey they sold me in the Warhammer shoppe. I'm going to try some tape masking so I can use greys on the skin and black everywhere else. Fortunately, we have some painter's tape so I can bag my practice dude's head for the Thing I plan to do. Whee.

Onwards to the rest of my nonsense.