Today's my last day for writing Beauties and the Beastly so of course I'm procrastinating harder than ever. With all good luck, Beloved and I will be editing Adapting and then I'll be sending out Beauties to my lovely beta readers.

All of whom, I sincerely hope, will get back to me promptly about the contents of said novel. Instead of taking most of this novel's writing to do so.

Yes, I am still salty about that.

When I am of a mind to get something done, I go for it. Heck, I'm even impatient with myself. I'm still slightly bent out of shape about the animation app I got for my iPad having a pay-through-the-nose system for anything related to cool features that might actually be useful.

Micropayments are one thing, but fifteen bucks a month just to have layers and an eyedropper tool? Forget that noise.

Thanks to that fiasco, I shall be using a majority of Procreate (the art program for iPad Pro's) for the animation and photoshop for anything else. I shall only use the actual animation thing for when there is a desperate need. Besides, their art tools suck.

If I can find a way to use my iPad like a cintiq and work on it that way with Photoshop and noise, then I will find it.

This is going to take me an age and a week to do to my satisfaction, so expect it to come out by the time I have a #1 best-seller sci-fi novel. AKA: half-past never.

But I will be working on it daily, so there will at least be updates. Y'know. Unless Steam Powered Giraffe sends me a cease-and-desist letter.

And speaking of letters telling me to go take a long hike, I still haven't received anything from A2B. Five more days until I can really panic. I already have plans to wait 48 hours before I send them a what-the-fuck letter about their lack of response. If it gets that far.

I have my hopes, and I have near-crushing anxiety about this, and I want nothing more than to have things be easy, but that's not my life. I'm not rich enough for that to happen. At all.

But the good news is, there's no gradual re-introduction of dairy! I can eat all the cream or cheese I like. Which is going to start with my "smoothie" later on today. Huzzah.

Meanwhile, I have narrative to create.