Early Start

I could no longer sleep in the wee small, this morning. And, apparently, neither could the kids. I caught Mayhem playing one of his many FPS games, and Chaos talking to herself in her bedroom.

So I really caught them out, and made them help in the house.

Mayhem claims that he has no idea what to do when he wakes up early and, of course, I called him out on his horseshit. I'm apparently supposed to write a list of things that need doing. I'm going to insist that he takes a look around and see what needs fixing.

BUT I also have to figure out what's going on with dinner because I'm guaranteed to be exhausted by the end of today because cleaning.

And I have to get some money. Cold hard cash. Because I need it.

I have PLNs in motion to trade around with bitcoin. Hopefully earn a little extra from the little I have. Of course, to start, I have to wait for Bitcoin to drop so I can have more of them to do trades with.

Meanwhile, I'm watching the patterns to see if I can be smart about things when I get around to it. Which will not be any time soon, because bitcoin is peaking right now.

That's all gas.

Beloved is also waiting for Bitcoin to drop so that they can cash in their Steem, whilst hoping that it shoots back up again soon after that so that I can actually get my very first Own Laptop.

We have the money in theory. It's just getting to it that's the problem.

Same ol' same ol', TBH.