Challenge #01933-E109: Once Upon an Adventure

We 'narrative apes', don't just tell stories, we play games to pass the time. -- Knitnan

Humans are an inventive lot. They invented inspired desperation as a survival instinct. They invented fiction to make their lives more interesting. They're one of the few cogniscent species and the only known Deathworlders to have boredom. They can multitask, and some of them can multitask, apparently, faster than light. Some are capable of multitasking with mind-boggling precision. Others can't remember what they were doing two minutes ago, and are capable of burning water.

What they are famous for is inventing stories. If taxed for an answer to a question that they don't know, they are capable of making something up. Fortunately for the other species in the Galactic Alliance, these instant fictions are easy to spot, since they are generally prefaced with one or a combination of, "I don't know," and, "Maybe."

Humans are also well known for playing games. What was less well known was that Humans could play games with stories. And it was quite the spectacle to witness for the uninitiated. There was one Human running what the others aboard the Enforcement Cruiser Swift Catharsis were starting to call the Madness Room. The others were gathered around the table and telling fragments of stories.

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