Early start, better finish?

I'm getting some of my work done before I'm meant to be up and about this morning. It just makes sense.

I had a scrum day, yesterday. There wasn't a moment to stop until firkin midday when the temperature in my office was too much to bear. So I had to go do everything in the bedroom and it was pure luck that I got it all done.

I am trying to get all the Patreon stuff posted as soon as I can, today, because if I wait until after I'm done with my Instant, it might not get done.

After 10AM, this space is sweltering and humid and impossible.

Air con tomorrow.

Mayhem is home with the sickness, and fetching him yesterday was part of the clusterfuck that was my life yesterday. Also part of it was a trip to the doctors to get the note for today.

Today is a completely different clusterfuck.

Today, I got a shrink appointment, so I gotta do things quick.

No time for procrastination.