Dis... Dat... De Other

My Friendo's funeral is happening soon. Not too soon, just... soon. There's probably going to be three days of radio silence or a reasonable impersonation thereof. Frankly, I'll count myself lucky if I can keep the Instants going out.

So much to do in-between.

My car is having coolant issues, so I have to do something about that. The Doctor's office gave me the number for Q-Tax, and I have to do something about that... I have to pack...

At least now, I have a system by which I can obey the speed laws even when I don't spot the signs. So hopefully no more traffic tickets to add a kick in the teeth I didn't need.

Everything is chaos.

I have today and part of tomorrow to try and learn some Java, and potentially lay in supplies of coolant ready mix just in case I can't get the drainage fixed in time... Try to get the drainage fixed in time... call people (which I hate doing) and get details and... argh.

Nobody needed this to happen, but it happened anyway. Gotta deal with it.

One step at a time.