Dilly Dally

So I managed to dawdle away ONE AND A HALF HOURS this morning. I don't even know how it happened. I'm that firkin dumminz'd today.

I lie. I have my suspicions of how I did it:

  • "Just checking" on the Factorio world that my love and I are fooling around with [gotta research them all!]
  • "Just one more" video with edutainment value on YouTube
  • "Just one" little check of my favourite tags on Tumblr

You can 'just' your entire day away with that biz.

Fortunately, I also just looked up a nice marinade for some rib roast we have, and it's almost deceptively easy. Soy sauce or substitute, garlic, and sweetener of choice. Herbs to taste. It's going to be lovely.

And it will have a side of greens.

Now I have my short list of potential publishers, I have to be certain that I can do all the things they want me to do so I don't wind up in their garbage file. Which means reading, re-reading, and re-re-reading their submissions guidelines.

And putting my heart under their fists.

No pressure.