Challenge #02024-E200: Remarkably Similar

[ a race of sapient felines encounter Humans and their pets ] -- Anon Guest

Ahnrau hadn't expected a close encounter like this one. She had been hunting valuable asteroids when a shard of a distant impact sent her vessel spiralling out of control. The last thing she remembered before the spin blacked her out was identifying another vessel on a collision path...

She was messed up. She could feel it. But... she was also on the mend. The room she was in was white. Almost painfully white. And the being in the room with her was wearing a white livesuit. They were roughly the same shape as Ahnrau, but there was something about the body language that didn't read as felinoid.

They moved slowly, showing empty hands in a non-aggressive posture. "I speaking GalStand. You grok?"

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