Dee un Dee! Dee un Dee!

It's D&D night and I am planning to at least combat the excess of the evening with the abstinence during the day. I shall be a good little nugget and expand my fasting window so I can gorge -as I inevitably do- when the game is on.

My Beloved is taking this old car of mine as a lost cause. Even if the motor is cheaply fixable, it's not worth keeping around. So... in perfect logic, they went and ordered a Tesla.

I shall be inheriting the landbarge for the three and a half years that the lease is going to take to expire. I then inherit the Tesla whilst my Beloved gets a brand spanking new electric landbarge.

They have long legs. They like big cars. It's a thing.

I, on the other hand, am entirely comfortable in smaller spaces and prefer not to freak out about hitting another vehicle or stationary object.

I managed to finish off this week's word count early this morning, so all I have to fret about is the House Unfuckening, and of course the Instant. I can -theoretically- have the rest of the day for messing around and creating nonsense.

Let's go.