One new case, so I'm happier about my place in the world. Physically speaking, I'm still under my rock and growling at anything that gets too close.

Sometimes, it feels like MeMum and I are the only ones who have been doing Polite PPE for the duration of the damn plague.

Mayhem's having a birthday today - nineteen! I'm letting him sleep in because we have cake later in the afternoon.

The things I can do on my compy are getting smaller and smaller. I'm coping, but... Sooner or later, the number of things I can do on my compy will be zero.

I'm dreading that day. Like I can deal by working on the lappy, but I kind'a hate working on the lappy because Easy Distraction Opportunities.

I'm staying off the news today. Anxiety issues, you know the chorus.

Onwards to today's tale, Patreon nonsense, and then some indulgence.