Day Secundus Once More

Two days without the plague in Queensland and the Karen Squad in Victoria are filming themselves violating mask laws and being "wise" to the police.

Charge them like unto a pissed-off buffalo.

It might be your right to not wear a mask, but it's our right to not get exposed to the plague. You don't wanna wear a mask? Fine. Stay the fuck home.


Every single Karen or Korey out there is contributing to the length this plague is dragging on. If I had advertising money I would produce a bunch of ads that explain in no uncertain terms that their "rights" are killing people.

But I don't have that kind of money and the people who do are the exact kind of people who are allowed to do whatever the heck they like.


The Muppet continues to 'black bag' protestors willy-nilly and there's plenty of the Karen Squad he inspired. Lovely. China's probably still up to its shenanigans, but I haven't seen it in the news of the day. Knowing all the nonsense happening in the world, the news about the Northern Coast's invasion will be buried under some wealthy whatnot spouting the N-word on live TV or some similar shit.

Wealthy celebrities are weaponising social outrage to cover up greater crimes. It's a thing. Elon Musk said some anti-Trans stuff he can "grow from" to cover up orchestrating a war in Bolivia so he can get cheap minerals.

Oh, for a time machine and a baseball bat. Oh, to be able to isolate the exact moment this became an acceptable ploy and land on the perp as a lesson for all time.

But all I do is write weird stories. It's all I'm good at.