Crisis... not over yet

Pippi has had a reaction to her stitches/surgery because she's a gadabout little acrobat with a bad dose of the Zoomies(tm). So they're leaving the stitches in until Saturday, and she's staying locked in the laundry during the nights when there's nobody to supervise her.

Getting stressed about things just encourages her to be more Zoomy, so I purposely chilled and did a bit of painting.

Things I have learned:

  • DIY washes don't really work on faces
  • Drybrushing with plain colours needs more practice, and I may be better off with undercolouring and overwashing. This is what Practice Dude #2 is for
  • A second coat makes the colours sing

I'm going to have to look for washes, next time I'm out and about, but that is not happening today. Nope. Today, I am taking the good firkin excuse to stay home and CHILL about everything.

I need a breather.

But first... I need to write some things.