Challenge #03938-J286: Cut the Right Way

As Jay's knife slid into his target's chest, the wild insanity in his target's eyes faded for just a moment. The being grabbed Jay's shoulders, looked into his eyes and said softly, honestly, "Thank you for freeing me, the nightmare's finally over." -- Anon Guest

They weren't always sent after the powerful fascistic type. Sometimes, they were sent after the cruel and unusual. Those beyond the CRC's long arm of jurisdiction. Those who could not otherwise be stopped.

Mengele-class psychopaths. Operating in areas where even the CRC agents couldn't go.

Yet the CRC had a further reach than the boundaries of the Galactic Alliance. Pax Humanis could get anywhere. They were good at it. They sent the particularly goal-oriented murderers to the furthest fields. The ones who could be trusted to do the job and return to their sanctuary. Like Jay.

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