Challenge #03868-J216: Live With Me?

Jay proposes marriage to Lilicoon? -- Anon Guest

"Independent living kind of terrifies me," she confessed, crochetting yet another square for community purposes. It was a form of therapy for her newer hands that had become a kind of nervous habit. "I know there's a community surrounding me, and people coming by to help, but... not having anyone there? With me? It sounds... lonely."

"I could cohabit? It'd mean an on-duty guard or... you could come to the sanctuary world. I'm okay with city living. More than many paxxers. You'd be safe, I'd make sure of it." Uncertainty bubbled out of Jay with the words. "You do feel safe with me, right?"

"You do make me feel safe. Safer than I could hope, but... part of my therapy involves growing my courage. If I hid behind you for all my days, I would not be very brave." Square finished, she put her work away in a handy pocket.

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