Challenge #03842-J190: Agent of Restraint

If you want someone dead, you send out Pax Humanis. You want someone captured alive, you send someone like me to join the Pax Humanis member. I have one job, to remind them that the target is to be brought in alive. Most of the very experienced members have learned enough to avoid killing targets when need be, but, well, sometimes the younger ones need reminders. -- Anon Guest

My name is Maan, and I'm a Leash. Not 'leech' like so many misread it or mishear it. Leash. L-E-A-S-H. It's not the most well-known job, as you may guess?

What do I do as a Leash?

I hold back members of Pax Humanis from killing people. It is way harder than you think it might be. Humanity has made an industry out of their homicidally and criminally insane, giving them truly evil entities to hunt down. If the CRC wants them alive...

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