Challenge #03754-J101: Broken, Free

Even the CRC security were going to need therapy after seeing THAT mess. The body looks like it'd been through ten levels of hell before being allowed to die. The shaking person in the center, rocking, weeping, knife in hand, still bore the shackles of their bane, before they flipped, and freed themselves. -- Anon Guest

Their name was Chain, and they had died. They should have died. They remembered the feel of the blade, their stolen blade, slicing through their throat. So sharp you won't feel a thing, was a lie. Chain had felt it.

They had felt it after the blood started to flow.

They woke up to beautiful colours, flowing and changing in a soothing pattern. For a minute, Chain was certain that this was the entrance to heaven. Some variety of paradise, anyway. Any moment, they would be judged. Chain waited for judgement.

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