Challenge #03655-J002: A Perfectly Natural Anomaly

They're too hot, they're too cold, they're too hot, they're too cold, they're tired, they're cranky, then they're full of energy and active, then back to the hot flashes. The Galactics deal with a human female in menopause for the first time. -- Anon Guest

Human Keefe had been fiddling with her livesuit environmental controls very often of late. Her personal environment had the same adjustments from cooling things down to warming things up. Her personal energy levels waxed and waned without pattern or reason. On one occasion needing to sleep for almost the whole of a 24-hour cycle.

Companion Threx all but dragged her to Medical to see if she was ill.

"I'm not sick," sighed Keefe. "This is perfectly normal for this stage of my life. Unfortunately." She puffed and blew and adjusted her livesuit to cool her off again. "I thought I'd love it when it happened, but nope! Another patch of hell. Huzzah."

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