Challenge #03617-I329: And the Winner is...

Just for the fun of it, some Havenworlders, who've grown braver over the last few years, decide to build a small racing track in the station that was built for all species, including humans. Human children LOVE it as the humans call the sport "Gravity Racing". Havenworlders, surprisingly, find it fun, too.

Aka - Soap Box Racing, aka Box Kart Racing. -- DaniAndShali

Humans play games with gravity. The severity of these games depends entirely on the human. This is, after all, a species that hurls itself off of cliffs with little but a special suit and some nominal safety gear - just so they can 'fly'[1].

Only some of their gravity games involve vehicles, or are safe for Havenworlder participants. This one is known as the Lopside Station Gravity Derby.

The rules are allegedly simple. The vehicle must have no motor, possess some form of brake, four wheels, and a form of steering system. The singular pilot must wear a helmet. For Lopside Station, there is one more condition - Materials to make the vehicle must be scavenged or salvaged, not printed.

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