Challenge #03519-I231: Stop By For Dinner

I'm a chef and in Pax Humanis, my blades give my friends a sweet delight. But if you are my target, well, dinner won't be a good night. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Cogniphagia is usually frowned upon within the Alliance. Taboo, certainly. Inadvisable, definitely. Immoral... that's a grey area]

They love giving people like us names before we're caught. You'd think they'd learn after so many centuries, but there's always a few who feed our egos as we paint the walls with blood. I suppose there must be a strategy to it. It's how I got sloppy enough to get caught.

Now I'm in Pax Humanis, and I will cook any kind of meat.

Yes. Even that kind. Especially that kind. Most of the new slaughters are very well marbled. Some are sinewy and have to be roasted slowly. They've had rich diets nonetheless. Excellent for their flavour.

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