Saturday, Day of Rest?

I am experimenting with my sleep cycle today. Seeing if getting to sleep in the vicinity of 10PM will help me not run out of battery at midday.

Beloved is off visiting Capt. S and will be off all day. I hope she takes one or both of the kids as company. She needs it, methinks.

I will be feeding my Starters and making the Bikkie, since I ran out of oomph to do it yesterday.

I did manage to re-filter the publishers. Noting who can take my nonsense and who's open for it at the time of survey. Some of them demand money to look at my work. They're last on my list because reasons.

I'm also putting the ones with a defined return time at the top because knowing what it is helps my anxiety a heap. Discussing stuff with Beloved has resulted in giving the rest a singular month rather than six.

Serves them right, honestly.

They snooze, they lose.

Also on my agenda is chambering and more filtering and MORE editing. I can quick-check ten chapters of Adapting per day without getting horrible feels.

But for right now, I take a bio break and then get on with getting on.