Challenge #03499-I211: She Demands Her Tribute

They're trying to get work done, they're at their desk, there is a pile of paperwork, but the local cats are being absolute cuddle-bums today! -- Anon Guest

[AN: With reference to Meet Lilbit]

Two kind hands are not enough for one cat. There were times and civilisations when cats were worshipped like gods. Neither cats nor Wraithvine had forgotten this. The kitten was just a little bit of fur with claws and teeth attached, thus earning the name Lilbit.

This became enormously ironic as the cat grew up.

Wraithvine was allegedly working in hir diary. Making certain there was at least one source of hir exploits that was accurate to hir own memory. Lilbit, wearing a parasite-repelling collar, was having none of it.

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