Saturday, Plague Day 12, Game Night?

There might be D&D with my fellow Brisbane Lunatics tonight. There will definitely be games with my International Lunatics tomorrow night, because my voice is back up to snuff.

I start streaming my daily tales on that Long Monday. Whee.

Here's hoping I make it through.

This, my readers and friendos, is the acid test. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. I might be slow about it, but I can still do the things.

Of course I'm still taking atrovent via nebuliser because it feels hard to breathe.

I now have a heck-off huge water bottle to augment my hydration levels and it is pink and blue. I may dig up some yellow-toned stickers to have the primrose too.

I'm calling it the Chug Jug and part of my strategy is to add cordial for motivation when I get tired of the taste of water.

Yes water has a taste, don't @ me.

Onwards to making some fiction magic happen.