Sunday, Plague Day 13, Game Night

Looks like not many people are playing, tonight. I will finally get a guide to Drekki's spider spawners and get a wriggle on with making the grinder because string is a commodity we all need.

Me especially, because scaffolds are essential to my building process.

I have already created the story for this week's Tale Foundry challenge. Pruned and ready for reading. Of course my Patrons get a peek at the unedited version. With maybe a link to what the finished product looks like.

I might start advertising my entries in the Foundry on Twitter and Tumblr this week. Get the word out that I am doing things. Well. Things other than the once-daily tale.

Speaking of, I should either get on with today's entry or work a little bit more on the novel that demands to be written. Better known in daylight as the Pro Version of A Devil's Tale.

So far - I'm zoning out. Wish me luck.