Challenge #03405-I117: With Two Kind Hands

"You are rubber, they are glue...." Normally it was the other way around, but not for THIS spell. The wizard, in secret back alley-ways and run-down shacks found the downtrodden, child Tieflings, child Kobolds, and other such children, and did a spell that ensured, if anyone should physically try to harm them and be cruel, it rebounded upon their abusers. But there's a catch, if THEY were to act in a cruel manner, they were the ones struck instead -- Fighting Fit

They called him Grampa Bless, and he was your best friend if you were orphaned, lost, alone, and despised. Older alley kids knew how to summon him for the little ones, and he was the next best thing to Father Winter. Every kid in need, regardless of species, could get two charmed pouches. One was a Bag of Lunches, which would permit the user to withdraw a wholesome meal to the betterment of their needs, and do so three times a day. The other was a Pocket Shelter, that could give the child a safe place to sleep.

Whenever one of the Reviled Races came into his attention, they got a special enhancement from Grampa Bless. As did any child who showed up with too many bruises and a trepidatious demeanor.

The latest one, a tiny half-Orc with just a shirt and dirt between her and public indecency, had a question. "Are you Wraithvine?"

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