Challenge #03335-I047: Accepting the Price

Sneaking this in even though you said you wanted to get down to 50 prompts before opening it back up again.

It's from this story btw.

As Wraithvine sat without even batting an eye to let the older woman cut the hair, the woman rather surprised to say the least that they'd just sit and allow it, another comes into the home. This being looked almost exactly like the immortal elf. Wore clothing similar, though they traveled alone and had a pouch very well filled with coin, gems, and magic items. When asked, they claimed to be Wraithvine, at least until Wraithvine hirself was seen. Of course, as far as this being was concerned, this was likely yet another imposter. But, well, they learn why it's not nice to pretend to be someone they're not. -- DaniAndShali

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Elves just don't cut their hair. It's a cultural thing. Elven children have their hair cut short for hygiene reasons, but after their Seventies, they are more or less expected to maintain their own hygiene. Long hair is a source of pride in their kind. The longer the hair, the more years it has been since their last grievous error.

Naturally, others prize Elven hair as a good luck charm.

When an Elf knelt humbly before Varicelle, and spoke of just letting her cut hir hair, it was a shock to say the least. Then ze let down the intricate braids hidden under the hat. For an Elf, it was unusually thin. For an Elf, it was unusually lacklustre. Not as dull as the Rock Elves, and the wrong colour besides. There was still a gilded sheen to the yellowish locks, but not nearly as bright as the Sun Elves. But it was very, very long.

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