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Challenge #03871-J219: Learned the Wrong Lesson

A strange malady strikes a village, everyone under the age of 12 starts dancing every single night from midnight until 1 in the morning, unable to stop until they collapse. Even infants moving in the rhythm. They need help, soon! -- Anon Guest

They tell cautionary tales about a little hamlet in the middle of nowhere. The piper rid the place of rats and, when they refused to pay, rid the place of their children. The lesson should be, "pay those who do the work" and NOT "kill your contractors."

Now the vengeful ghost of the bard wanders the streets between midnight and dawn. The mournful melody takes children from their beds and, still sleeping, sends them tripping and skipping about as if dancing to a merry tune. Even babies in their cradles writhe as if they were merry.

They spend their days exhausted. Footsore and lax even if they try to stir themselves. Those who tried too hard to help their families fell sick. They needed rest. They needed nursing. Some would barely eat.

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Challenge #03847-J195: Shadow Strategy

"You owe me."

"I knew it.... what's the price?"

"Never EVER let me hear you calling yourself weak ever again."

..."bu...but I...."

"You are NOT weak, it's time you realized that." -- Anon Guest

Lessons had been going on for a year. On schedule or off schedule, Master Kosh always seemed to have the time. Even when he was in the middle of making cheese.

Every failure seemed to grate against Ami's spirits. She desperately wanted to be better at everything,

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Challenge #03658-J005: Unskilled at Bargaining

A dragon "kidnaps" Wraithvine's friend, Gikka, and flew off with her. Though, oddly enough, seemed to be flying slow enough to let Wraithvine keep up. Only to gently put Gikka down by a pile of books, and ask Gikka to please teach them how to read, offering dragon's gold in return for the favor. -- Lessons

Kobolds and Dragons go way back. Some say that when the world was very new, Dragons allegedly created Kobolds to be their servants. You know, since

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Challenge #03467-I179: Lofty Goals

What if Amatu were to go up on cliffs and up in trees and work on his fear of heights. Sometimes, even severe phobias, can be lessened and controlled through careful exposure. While they're not always overcome, they can sometimes at least be controlled. After all, flying is an incredible thing to have when being an adventurer.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03375-i087-elevation-trepidation -- The New Guy

On the Windy Plains there was an entirely different method of play. They called it

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Challenge #03335-I047: Accepting the Price

Sneaking this in even though you said you wanted to get down to 50 prompts before opening it back up again.

It's from this story btw. https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03240-h331-not-as-expected#@internutter/re-bkf-r3v5fl

As Wraithvine sat without even batting an eye to let the older woman cut the hair, the woman rather surprised to say the least that they'd just sit and allow it, another comes into the home. This being looked almost exactly like the immortal elf. Wore clothing similar,

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