Challenge #03321-I033: Proper Care and Handling

He changes into a werewolf after his beloved girlfriend has completely altered his containment chamber. No more chains. Before he can bite her, she starts stuffing food into his mouth. -- Anon Guest

"Y'all throwin' a party?" Of all the hazards they anticipated this day, neighbours had been the last on the list. "That's some good brisket you got there, but why no barbecue sauce?"

"Xylitol," said Gria and Thom together. Gria took over. "We're working on a rescue wolfdog for like three days. You know the story. Owner thought they were a badass until they realised they had a six-hundred-pound predator in their house who viewed their kids as a crunchy snack."

"Oof," said the neighbour. Bengson. "That's why you borrowed the slow grille for the ribs first thing, right?"

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