Challenge #03248-H339: Bene Memorium

They were the grandchild of a family that had been raised by Wraithvine, though mother still called Wraithvine "grandfather" when she spoke of the elf, and set out to meet the elusive mage. They used scrying, with a polite message of who they were and that they was seeking to ask Wraithvine to visit sometime and join the family who was preparing for the fall harvest festival. -- Anon Guest

Lyssa was almost at the age when adventuring could be allowed, but this was more important than Granda's prohibitions. Great-Granren was the quest. Find the peripatetic Elf known to all as Wraithvine, and invite them to Harvestfest.

...for what may be the last chance to see hir adopted son alive.

Granda was getting thin against the world. His old body was wearing out. He wanted to see his Rennie once more before he went and Lyssa couldn't ignore a request like that. The big problem was that immortals like Wraithvine hated 'goodbyes' and 'lasts'. Especially when they came together.

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