Challenge #03141-H232: Human Enrichment Duties

There is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING in this universe that is more dangerous than telling a human that is completely bored out of their mind, that something, anything, is impossible. -- Lessons

There are some cosmic laws that are inviolate. Never ask what can go wrong. Never play finesse games with a cogniscent nicknamed 'Slick'. Never try to eat anything bigger than your own head... and never EVER tell a Human what's impossible.

Nature hates a vacuum, Humans hate monotony. Though some flourish with a routine, too much routine is the problem. Hobbies can only ameliorate the issue, the same with entertainments. Sooner or later, a Human needs enrichment.

Just like Human Ver, who was 'sitting' upside-down[1]. A sure sign of danger. So too was the question she had for Companion Thale. "You ever really think about what would happen if the gravity reversed on us mid-flight?"

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