Wednesday, Day 1, Wordpress and Jab

Plague news: NO NEW CASES! Twenty-three total active cases, with seventeen in the hospital.

These are numbers I like to see.

Today's the day I get sub-zero serum added into my arm and become a superhuman wifi hotspot a little better protected against the plague. Huzzah. I also have all day to low-key panic about this.

Of course you, my lovely readers, get another installment of my terrible Tiefling's backstory that explains exactly why he's such a paranoid arsehole with a prickly exterior over a soft and vulnerable inside.

I've also begun polishing Adapting so there's bound to be back-and-forth about which changes are better. I can only take so much critique at a time, so I let myself wuss out when it gets too intense for me. I shall build up a tolerance in time.

These are not attacks. They are improvements.

In the news:

  • Bondi limo driver responsible for the worst outbreak caught in police sting
  • Anti-masker on camera goes off about his rights
  • Biden declares success in Afghanistan
  • NSW halving international arrivals
  • "Promising young men" charged with sexual assault and murder of a 9YO in India
  • Bushfire season starts early in NSW
  • 5YO cuts her eyelashes off to try and get out of school
  • Residents use wheelie bins to blockade parental cars parking in their driveways
  • 5G or NBN? Article indecisive

And now... storytime for you, panic for me.