Challenge #03138-H229: The Opening Volley

Poor Wraithvine, the trauma of trying to train, and protect, a young chosen one by the name of Kevin, and his strong-headed mother while Kevin was training, still fresh in his mind, and now yet another young one, this time even stronger, and even MORE reluctant, to leave his home. Destiny isn't kind though, not by a long shot. If it was, then why are those rather pissed off looking purists trying to raid the village and get rid of "monsters"? And why is their leader a very strong mage who tries to target Amatu? And why was their leader carrying a map to the home base where such cruel zealots not only trained, but recruited and brainwashed the young into thinking ones like Amatu were vicious demons? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There's also this one to contend with. Once again, I steal thunder]

Delay is the enemy of all plans. So too is first contact with the enemy. In Wraithvine's case, that enemy was -however temporarily- the entire town of Merrivale gathering for farewell gifts, extra food[1], and heartfelt advice. Given Amatu's influence on the place, there was a lengthy queue. Most of the cart was taken up by the cage and its occupant, Slithery Sam. The additional supplies, therefore, were starting to be stacked on the roof of it.

Pondermoore, just as worried as Wraithvine, had strolled up the road to scout the path towards Waterdeep. It was when she came running back that was a clear indicator that everything had gone pants. "Trouble," shouted Pondermoore. "To arms! Raiders!" A generic half of Merrivale gently put down their gifts somewhere safe and picked up a rock. Some reached for the more serious farming tools[2], and took strategic positions.

Wraithvine groaned, "I knew we were taking too long. This is Kevin and his Mum all over again..." Ze took a post on the wagon and primed one of hir flashier spells. Waiting.

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