Sunday, Day 0, Day Out

Plague news: Four new cases, all imports. We have twenty-six total active cases, with twenty-one in hospital and nobody in the ICU.

Some idiot had the audacity to state that lockdowns "don't work" when the places that do have lockdowns and strict measures don't have the fucking plague. Yikes. Just do what New Zealand does and nobody needs to get hurt.

I've also come across testimonials from medical professionals working in the Covid wards and... it'll break your heart. Read the post.

But enough gloom and doom. Mr Mayhem is Twenty years old. My gosh how the time flies.

There's no streams this morning apart from mine so I'm filling in the hours now. Teh PLN today is: I gather Mayhem, collect KIABIL, then fetch MeMum and head to the Hoggies that's closer to Capt S.

I'm gonna need some supercharged caffeine. Monster wahey.

The combo of Clayton's Asthma Attack and Bad Air Days is kind'a kicking my butt. I've dosed myself, I've put on the humidifier, I'm taking all my nonsense, but I still have a Bark. Dangit.

I'll be turbocharging my treatment on Monday. Three hour doses FTW.

In the news:

  • Truckie strike and plague set to ruin Christmas
  • Hoarder house bros attempted to avoid funeral costs in the way you may expect
  • USA plotting more revenge against Isis
  • Mum has to use sick child to keep the Knomiras indoors
  • No jab, no journey rule. Finally, some good firkin sense

I'm gonna do my stream, get dressed up, and drive.