Monday, Day 0, New Order of Things

Plague News: One new case, a local transmission. Possibly via the yahoos down south. At least it's caught in quarantine. Twenty-six total active cases, with twenty-three in hospital.

We don't have cleaners helping us any more. Can't afford it. So today, we are unfucking the house on our own. My personal goal is to unclutter my desk and to get rid of the old defunct iMac taking up acreage there.

But first, I have to see Miss Chaos off to school. I can aim at my 500 words any time.

In the news:

  • Isis blowing stuff up
  • ICU nurses knocking patients out just so they can keep up. Don't blame them. NSW is up to four-figure case counts
  • More lockdown for Victoria
  • NSW people fleeing to Qld
  • US media calls our plague handling "a mess". Kindly remove the log from your own eye first, mate
  • People with low analytical skills more likely to believe the antivax/antimask/antilockdown horseshit
  • Syphilis loose in Victoria
  • Ed Asner's died
  • China continues to act like a dick
  • Diet eliminating "toxic" foods is alarming

Story soon. It's bus time.

ADDENDUM: Saw Chaos off and decided to clean my desk. No more useless BS clogging my space. The stuff I want to keep is in a heap and will migrate according to my needs. And now... I dose myself and set a timer for three hours.