Challenge #02912-G355: All in Good Fun

A: you’ll never catch me!

B: bold and words for some in BFG range

As the human pulls the trigger a stream of foam balls fly across the room

C: what does BFG stand for anyway?

B: Big Foam Gun, what else?

C: well I thought it was Big F** Gun, but that works too. -- Anon Guest

"Well, that's what it used to stand for, pre-Shattering or something. I think. I'm not that up on my entertainment history. Most of it I absorbed from a real nerd who kept using ancient memes as comedy. Hardly anyone could understand him. We weren't allowed to swear so... big foam gun. It's friendlier."

This was an extremely Deathworlder definition of 'friendlier'. These were a band of people for whom play, hunting, and combat were inextricably linked. For them, a toy firearm that shot out soft foam balls at low velocity was fun. Their smallest children, just getting the hang of bipedal motion, could and would use them in simulated combat.

It took some levels of Havenworlders some significant time to get used to that. Humans, usually warned about the relative fragility of Havenworlders, were generally polite and kept their games to themselves until a briefing could occur. Such a briefing allowed the use of Human Brea's "BFG", provided warnings were issued for those unsure of their own offensensitivity. Which was why Companion Zin was watching the Ships' Humans at their play.

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