Challenge #02907-G350: You're Worth Fighting For

Human A: "If you try to kill yourself, I will fight you."

Human B: "...I would not win that fight."

(Note: This is part of a conversation that I actually had with my suicidally depressed partner. And yes, if I thought he was going for it, I would totally fight him.) -- Anon Guest

This, alarmingly, was a common conversation between the two Ship's Humans of the Fanciful Deal. Human Zae had issues that manifested as periodic bouts of severe depression. Their argument usually cycled around to "if you kill you, I'll kill you first," but this time, there was a note in Zae's voice that caused Human Avi to approach it from another angle.

"That's cool," said Human Avi. "I'm prepared to die to defend your life."

"Dude," said Zae. "That is simultaneously the stupidest and the sweetest thing you have ever said."

"You're worth it." Avi elbowed Zae in a companionable Human motion similar to combat. Typical of Humans. "I'd do just about any stupid shit to help you stick around with me."

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